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Valentine's Day Dirty Talk

No gifts for Valentine's Day and real cam love

Berlin, February 2024: In the latest episode of the Dirty Talk podcast, Emma Wolf and Micky Muffin chat about love, Valentine's Day and dating. The very refreshing and entertaining interview is available on all common platforms as well as on YouTube.

Emma Wolf talks about her recent experiences with Valentine's Day: "So this year it was rather unspectacular for me - I didn't get anything". Listeners can find out exactly why in the latest podcast episode.

Micky Muffin reveals some surprising facts in the interview: "I actually met more guys when I was going out. But I met my husband, and now pay attention and hold on tight, at MyDirtyHobby," says the young Austrian.

DirtyTalk is now in its fifth year and is one of the most successful podcasts in the adult segment in Germany with over one million listeners. Listeners can now access over 100 episodes free of charge. Models like: Texas Patti, Micaela Schäfer, Liah Lou, Fiona Fuchs and many more have already been interviewed in specials and their own episodes. The podcast can be listened to on all popular streaming platforms: Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Deezer, Amazon Music and in all popular podcast apps. Alexa users simply say "Alexa, open the DirtyTalk podcast" and the current episode will be played.

The podcast is also available on MyDirtyHobby's YouTube channel for those who want to enjoy more than just the sound. Every month, subscribers and fans of MyDirtyHobby and the podcast can look forward to a new episode.

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