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What do MDH users search for the most?

What are the trends in erotic films and what would the user like to watch? We ask these exact questions to ourselves so that we can respond to user requests, keep improving, and establish new categories for unique interests.

Number 1 - Facials 💦

Although facials are popular, the fact that this is the TOP search term indicates that they are particular favourites in erotic movies. The man gives his sexual partner a facial by 💦 his hot load into their face at the finish. This is an extraordinary ending to the play for the actors and actresses and a visual highlight for the audience.

Number 2 & 3 - Shemale 🧚‍♂️ | Leather & Latex 🖤

In a world where tolerance is growing, we are happy that shemale and leather/latex are two of the top three search terms. We embrace and support all forms of fetishes on our web.

Number 4 - Userf***👨‍💻

Many users have the fantasy of "meeting" a model. User f*** is the fourth most popular search word, which is not surprising.

Number 5 - Creampie 🍦

Creampie, which shares a kinky perspective on climax with the top searched term (facials), comes in fifth position.

Though many people are familiar with and adore them, what precisely is a creampie? The camera records the man injecting into his partner's front door or back door and then pulling back, causing hot cream to stream from that specific bodily area.

Also, if you search for creampie on MDH, you'll find over 30,000 videos. Check out the top videos in the category.

See you soon 😎

Your MDH Team


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