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Which are the most popular search terms on MDH?

Let’s explore the most interesting search categories lighting up MyDirtyHobby’s portal and uncover what make them so intriguing. Whether driven by curiosity, fantasy or simply seeking new experiences, understanding these categories can provide fascinating insights into preferences and the diversity of human sexuality.

Outdoor 🏞

Outdoor s*x is a tingling form of play for both active and potential voyeurs 👀. Observing is at least as exciting as watching. Who doesn't dream of catching a couple in flagrante delicto outdoors and who wouldn't want to look away? Anyone who has ever had s*x by the lake, on a field or a BJ in the changing room will remember these events😏.



Foot fetishists are widespread. That's why this search request is so big with us. The heart starts to pulsate at the sight of beautiful feet. The fascination of touching them, of being touched by them, gets lovers going. The hottest thing is to get a footjob, to feel the feet on the plump piece and to ejaculate on the feet 🦵💦. Beautifully manicured and painted nails are usually the favourite part.



Latex gloves🧤

Vinyl, leather and latex. Who doesn't like to see these dominant accessories on an erotic woman? However, the smell and feel of latex gloves is very special. The closeness and at the same time the distance created by the gloves are particularly arousing for many people. The break and the noises that lead to climax🧨 with this fetish are also frequently mentioned.


Jeans 👖

When people think of the typical female adult film star, many people think of blonde, slim women with long blonde hair, large breasts, full lips and a tight 🍑. The fact that a different type of woman often arouses desire is explained by the individual preferences of men.


Rubber boots 👢

To be honest, we were initially a little taken aback by this result 🤭. Rubber boots as one of the top 5 search queries. Rubber boot fetishists often don't dare to live out their fetish in public. Some have a strong preference for brands such as Dunlop or Hunter, while others prefer black leather boots or riding boots 🏇. This fetish for wearing rubber boots or looking at women in rubber boots is more prominent than you might think at first.

See you soon 😎

Your MDH Team

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