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Sport and s*x - how do they go together?

The EC 🏆 fever in Germany or, as many say, the summer fairytale 2.0. Euphoria, a relaxed atmosphere, sexy fangirls who like to take a deep look into their balls ⚽. S*x and sport - how do they go together?


Rumour has it that pre-match s*x can have a negative effect on the performance of football players. In the past, coaches often advised their footballers to refrain from having s*x before competitions: F***ing makes your legs weak was the common saying 🦵.


Fortunately, the myth that s*x affects the performance of football players was based on a lack of knowledge that has since been dispelled. It helps you feel relaxed 💆‍♂️and satisfied sexually😏, mentally🤯, and physically💪. This helps to reduce the athlete's anxiety before an important game.


Because of the exuberant atmosphere among the fans, s*x is always an issue, especially after the game. S*x workers in the EC cities are booming, but sexual adventures are also the order of the day among the fans (an unusually large number of women are enthusiastic about football, especially at the major EC and WC events), even across national borders. Football⚽, 🍺 and sexy women are the key to happiness for men 💘.


This is reflected in the numerous sexy videos on MDH, which are all about football in general. There are now over 250 videos💥 and more than 200 photos so there is a separate category for them. Take a look at . The video titles "Horny football fan f***ed me hard AO after the game" or "Football or f***ing?" makes you want more. The hot “balloons” of our models look at least as good as the balls on the pitch.


We have come up with something very special for the EC. Our models FinaFoxy, TexasPatti and Jenny_Stella have commentated live on the German football matches at EC. The live streams of the group matches against Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland were a complete success and we all hope that our girls will be able to commentate on 4 more matches up to the final. What do you think? Can Germany win the title? 🥇


Stay tuned Your MDH Team 😎

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