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National Outdoor S*x Day

Especially in spring, when you can feel the sun on your body and the holidays invite you to feel free as a bird in nature, it's the time to live out the hottest thing in the world outdoors.


 Even if outdoor lovers take care to be unobserved when having s*x in the open air, it is quite possible to hear birds chirping next to moaning.


Cat Coxx, who is often referred to as a hot, gorgeous and wicked stepmother, loves it outside her own four walls. In the DirtyTalk podcast, she talks unrestrainedly about how she likes to get men's heads spinning while driving or how she makes the pool boy hungry while sunbathing and then takes him. You can find out whether the camera is present during the pool boy session or whether it is a private experience at MDH. The video of the interview is now available as audio on your favourite streaming service.


The outdoor category is one of the most popular on the portal and experts know why. The imagination and erotic desires seem infinite. Whether it's a BJ at a motorway service area, doggy on a motorway bridge, s*x by the lake or on the beach and 💑 at the highest point in town.

What's your secret on the bucket list? It's best to see if your fantasy has already been realised as a video by one of our models. If not, write to your favourite amateur - maybe you'll even realise it together in an amateur erotic film.

So listen in and have a good time :)

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