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MDH Photoshoot

We bring the hottest sensation into your everyday life and create extraordinary moments.

This goal served as the inspiration for our latest annual exclusive MDH photoshoot, which took place in Berlin in February 2024. We can only say one thing: how awesome was that.

A photoshoot that transcends the boundaries of conventional photography, stimulates the imagination and awakens the feelings to lose yourself in the world of eroticism.

Join us as we dive into the behind the scenes of a daring, sexy photo shoot and give you an exclusive look through the "keyhole" almost as if you were there in person.

What can you expect this year? Exceptional styling and sexy poses, sensual, fetishistic and daring looks, such as "Wonder Women", erotic disguise, dirty Easter bunnies, and many other themes that will inspire you.

Our photos have covered numerous categories that all our MDH fans can look forward to this year.

Together, our models and production team had a lot of fun letting their imaginations run wild and creating a fantastic and unique MDH photoshoot.

You can expect lots of sexy and stunning photos.

Stay tuned, we will post the full sneak peak video for you on our YouTube channel and we are looking forward to your comments.

Which model would you like to be most photographed? Which shooting theme excites your

imagination the most?

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It was a special highlight for all invited MDH models including crew. This year the following models took part in our shoot: Jenny-Stella, Daynia, Micky-Muffin, Fiona-Fuchs, MaryHaze, Lialou, Cat-Coxx, Schnuggie91, Maria_lambrusco, Sugarlina, LolaLohse, Student-Anetta, Mila-Hase and FinaFoxy.

Who do you think should definitely be there (again) next year?

Sexy greetings, your MDH Marketing Team.

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