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Let's go Germany!

Your favorite sport is back! After one year of waiting, the Euro championship is back and it is already an exciting event so far.. Today is the day for Germany to join and amaze Europe!

In the spirit of the Euro tournament, we put our spotlight on tonight’s spectacular match with Germany and France! And since this day couldn’t get any better, we teamed up with two of your favorite models to give you all the body heat you’ll need tonight and get you ready for the match!

Our #MDH girls also kick balls.. #MDH girls are not your average girls!

#MDH girls play THEIR game better!

You want to know what we really mean?

Lay back and enjoy the show…both shows! Do not forget that in the halftime MDH got you covered!

Let’s go Germany!

Amaze your fans with your style of play and let #MDH girls entertain you during the halftime!

#mdh #germany #france #mdhgirls #mdhoriginal

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