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100% Revshare Promo!

Dear models,


We are pleased to announce a new promotional scheme, that will run from April 1st, 2024 to April 30th, 2024.

 Please read below for more information on how you can best benefit from this exciting new venture!


What it is


If, within any one calendar month while the 100% Revshare Promo is running, you manage to recruit at least 25 new, paying members/users to the Site, you will receive 100% of the revenue share generated by the first purchase of DirtyCents of all 25 new members/users, as a bonus to any revenue share you would have otherwise received for that month!


Who Can Participate


Anyone! Any Performer can participate in the 100% Revshare Promo, as long as they remain a verified, active Performer.


How it Works


Here’s an example that hopefully clarifies how this all works. If you have managed to successfully recruit 25 new members/users, and each of those new members/users has credited their account for the first time with €10 each, then at the end of the calendar month you will receive an additional €250 (25 members/users x €10) on top of the revenue share that you have otherwise generated and will also receive.


Important Details


  • Only members/users will count towards your total referral goal, not other Performers.


  • Any referrals made via our affiliate program (‘AdultForce’) will not count towards your total referral goal. Only users who have signed up via your unique Referral Code (available in your dashboard as a “Referral Link”) will count towards your total.


  • In order to benefit from the 100% revenue share bonus, you must meet the minimum goal of recruiting/referring 25 new members/users. If you manage to refer fewer than 25 new members/users, you will receive the a bonus equivalent to the standard revenue share of 25%, instead.


  • Users must have credited their account with DirtyCents at least once since joining, and within the calendar month they are recruited in order to count towards your total.


  • The 100% revenue share bonus will only be awarded for new referred member/users’ first purchase of DirtyCents, not all User-Generated Content you sell for that month.


  • Subsequent purchases of DirtyCents by your recruited members/users will not be calculated towards your total bonus revenue share to be awarded at the end of the calendar month, but any additional purchases of DirtyCents will yield the usual 25% bonus revenue share instead.


  • Any payouts of the 100% Revshare Promo bonus revenue share will be paid out along with your regular, monthly revenue share payout, but in any case no later than ten (10) business days thereafter.


  • Any infringing, illegal, fraudulent, or otherwise unwanted behavior or behavior that contradicts the Terms of Service for Performers will lead to your automatic and instant disqualification from the 100% Revshare Promo. Disqualification from the 100% Revshare Promo may also result in no bonus revenue share being awarded, despite meeting the Recruitment Goal.


  • Please note that the 100% Revshare Promo is a limited-time event and that, despite the duration listed above, we may terminate any Performer, or the 100% Revshare Promo in its entirety, in our sole and final discretion, at any time and without prior warning.


If you have any questions about the 100% Revshare Promo, please feel free to reach out to the MyDirtyHobby support team!


*Any capitalized terms not defined herein bear the meaning attributed to them in the Terms of Service for Performers of the Sites.

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