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Erotic Model Day

Episode 99 - Dirty Talk with Schnuggie91 & Aja Moon

"The angel number 99🧚‍♀️ reminds us to stay positive and follow our intuition and trust that we will achieve whatever our heart desires. (Source:"


Episode 99 of our podcast Dirty Talk is all about "Erotic Model Day". This is reason enough to welcome 2 of our models Schnuggie91 and Aja Moon as guests.


What is everyday working life like as an erotic model?🧐 How does the environment react to this exciting but still socially unusual job? Schnuggie91 takes a selective approach to the question: What do you do for a living? In other words, the answer varies depending on how well she knows the person. "I'm self-employed as a content creator or quite openly, I work as a webcam model💻, erotic model 💞or I make adult films🎬."


The reactions are consistently positive✨. Contrary to the perceived non-acceptance of the profession in society, everyone who hears about this exciting job is very interested and finds it exciting. Sometimes there is a kind of admiration, as people find it courageous that the models live out and show their eroticism and sexuality so openly.


Aja Moon has been with us for 8 months and she follows her intuition according to the angel number. She likes to show herself and for her, entering the industry is a logical consequence of her way of life. Schnuggie91 and Aja Moon already knew each other privately before she joined MDH and so the newcomer was able to benefit from her friend's many years of experience👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏻. Meanwhile, Aja Moon is one of our exclusive models and we are very proud 🤗 of her development and happy to have her on board in the MDH family.


You can find the episode on your favourite podcast service.

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