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MDH First activities during the corona period, after the lockdown.

In a period where many of our planned activities and events where postponed due to the corona pandemic, respecting the new measures taken to protect people, we have managed to find some solutions after a long period that our community amateurs were restricted to their homes.

Late in May for 3 days we have organized our first photo shooting session in a studio located in Berlin with our production team. All measures ware taken, our exclusive amateurs were coming one at a time in the studio keeping distances, using masks and taking every possible precaution. A difficult task that at the end worked out perfectly.

Till the end of July, we have managed to have another 2-studio photo and video sessions, end of June for 4 days again in Berlin and end of July the 3rd session for 4 days this time in Hamburg.

More than 15 BA´s and Exclusive amateurs have participated in a productive and sexy atmosphere delivering great material both for the promotional purposes of MDH as well as their own profiles.

Have a look at some highlights on Instagram:

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