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2021! What an unforgettable year!

2022 is officially here but before we kick start the new year, we are offering you a ride back as a recognition to celebrate the past year which was definitely a whole vibe for all of us!

2021 was a year to remember!

We took all the dirty experiences as an opportunity to embrace our DIRTY hobbies and of course we couldn’t pass the chance to show our appreciation for all of you supporting us at MyDirtyHobby!

Thank you all once again for your loyalty and great engagement you showed us during this unforgettable year.

As a result, and in case you missed anything, we've put together some eye-catching highlights of MyDirtyHobby's dirtiest moments that marked 2021!

Take a look and enjoy our preview video and for more dirty moments check out our full length video on our YouTube channel!

MyDirtyHobby has finished the year stronger and bigger than ever! 2022 bring it on!

From the MDH community.....Stay tuned for a DIRTY 2022!

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